Town of Altavista RFP


  • Due Date and Time: August 20, 2024, 10:00 am (local time)
  • LINK to RFP information

Send Proposals To:
Town of Altavista, Virginia

Department of Public Services
510 7th Street
P. O. Box 420
Altavista, Virginia 24517

Inquiries: Paul Hill
Assistant Director of Public Services
(434) 369-5001 Ext. 140

Town of Altavista will receive Proposals from qualified firms to contract for a 10-year long-term, full-service maintenance and asset management program for the Town's four potable water storage tanks (ranging from 300,000 gallons to 1,500,000 gallons in size until 10:00 A.M. EST on August 20, 2024. The Town plans to award the contract for this work on the basis of competitive negotiation with the most qualified firms consistent with the Virginia Public Procurement Act Section 2.2-4300.

Parties interested in this Request for Proposals may obtain a copy of the RFP from Town of Altavista by contacting Mr. Paul Hill at (434) 369-5001 Ext. 140, or from the Town’s website: . All information outlined in the Request for Proposal, along with any other pertinent facts necessary for a proper evaluation of this Proposal, should be delivered to Town of Altavista prior to the hour and date above designated.

Four bound and typewritten copies of the proposal shall be presented in a sealed envelope per instructions on the Request for Proposal. All information regarding opening date, description of the Proposal and RFP number must be listed on the outside of the envelope.

The Town reserves the right to waive formalities in any Proposal and to reject any or all Proposals in whole or in part with or without cause and/or to accept the Proposal that in its judgment will be in the best interest of Town of Altavista.