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Grass & Brush

Council voted in July 2004 to make some significant changes to the Town code by adding a new section that is designed specifically to control grass and weeds.

All property in Altavista is required to keep the grass cut. Sections 62-151, Weed Control, of the Town Code states that all property in Town must have grass, weeds, and other growth cut. This ordinance is enforced all year long.

The Town will send violation notices to those property owners who are not in compliance of this ordinance.  If the Town notifies you that you are in violation of this ordinance you will have five calendar days to abate the nuisance.  Should the grass not be cut, the Town will have the property cut and you will be billed for the cost of the mowing in addition to an administrative fee of $75.00.  Please help keep our Town looking nice by keeping the grass cut on your property.
If you are aware of property in your neighborhood that appears to be in violation of this ordinance, please contact the Zoning Administrator at Town Hall. Grass Clippings must be bagged and placed in your garbage container or a special pick-up needs to be scheduled.  Except during fall leaf season, leaves must be bagged and placed in your garbage container or a special pick-up needs to be scheduled.  The Town will collect these bagged items free of charge as a scheduled special pick-up. Except during fall leaf collection, the Town collects brush throughout the year. Typically, brush is collected on Thursdays and Fridays. The following rules must be observed in order for brush to be collected:

  • Cut brush in no more than five-foot lengths
  • Stack brush so that all cut ends face the street
  • Place brush at the curb or edge of pavement, but not in the street
  • Call Public Works at 369-6045 to be put on the collection list

The Town will collect one truckload of brush per month free of charge. Residents will be billed $25 per load for all additional loads.

PLEASE NOTE: The Town will not collect brush or grass clippings cut by private contractors. If someone other than the property owner cuts the brush or mows a citizen's lawn, the Town will not collect it. The contractor must properly dispose of the brush and/or clippings.

Burning of brush, except when clearing a lot, is prohibited in the Town of Altavista.  Prior to any burning, a burn permit must be obtained at Town Hall.