Alerts:  Utilities customers may see increases on their bills this month. Town Council approved rate increases for water & sewer services and the implementation of a base rate fee effective 12/01/2018. These changes are to help offset the cost of infrastructure needs identified at both the Water Plant & Wastewater Plant. If you have questions, please call 434-369-5001. 

Fall Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection

Each fall, the Town provides bulk loose leaf collection to its citizens. The Town is divided into areas and each area is serviced on alternating weeks. Residents are asked to follow these simple rules when raking leaves:

  • Rake leaves to the edge of the road pavement, but not into the street
  • Do not block drainage ditches
  • Do not put rocks, branches, or other foreign debris in the leaf piles
  • Leaves placed out after loose leaf collection has ended (usually the end of December) will need to be bagged

Once the crew has passed a particular house or block, they will not return until the next scheduled time. To receive leaf collection at times other than when scheduled, residents may put leaves in plastic bags. We make every effort to stick to the printed schedule. However, weather or other factors may cause us to deviate from the schedule. We will collect an entire area before moving to the next one.

We make every effort to follow  the printed schedule.  However, weather or other factors may cause us to deviate from the schedule.  We will collect an entire area before moving to the next one.
The Burning of Leaves or Brush in Altavista is


AREA I (Begins 1st week of November) 
Bedford Avenue and all side parallel and cross streets and alleys from 7th Street up to and including Dale Avenue

AREA II (Begins 1st week of November)
Beverly Heights Subdivision, River Road, River Oaks Drive, Forest Street, West Road, Windy Ridge, and Lynch Road

AREA III (Begins 2nd week of November)
3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, Main Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, 9th Street, 10th Street, Park Street, 11th Street, 12th Street, 13th Street, 14th Street, 15th Street, 16th Street, Eudora Lane, School Street, Amherst Ave., Franklin Ave., Charlotte Ave., Lola Ave., Campbell Ave., Nelson Street, Hughes Street

AREA IV (Begins 2nd week of November)
Avondale Drive, Allen Road, Melinda Drive, Lola Avenue Ext.,  Frazier Road, Ogden Road, Toddsbury Road, Lakewood
Subdivision, Lynch Mill Road, Valley View Drive, Doss Street, Fauntleroy Street, Riverview Drive