Recruitment &

Open Positions

All positions shall be open to all individuals who meet the minimum requirements for the position. The recruitment objective is to obtain well-qualified applicants for all vacancies and selection shall be based on the best-qualified person available at the salary offered for the particular position.

First consideration will be given to current employees who desire to fill an open position, if the current employee is qualified for the position and if the placement best serves the needs of the Town. The Manager may carry out open competition to fill any vacancy.

Employment decisions shall be handled in a manner consistent with the Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act.

Internal Posting of Positions

The Town of Altavista believes in promoting employees from within and has established a job-posting program to give all employees an opportunity to apply for positions that they may be interested in and qualified for. Vacancies below the senior management levels normally are posted on designated bulletin boards at all town locations. Postings generally include the title, the salary grade, the minimum hiring qualifications, the essential functions of the job, and closing date for filing applications. Positions are normally posted for ten (10) workdays.

To be eligible for a posted position, you must meet the minimum hiring specifications for the position, be capable of performing the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonbable accommodations, be an employee in good standing in terms of your overall work record, and generally have been in your current position for a minimum of six (6) months.
You are responsible for monitoring job vacancy notices and for completing and filing an application form during the posting period of a specific opening.

You are not required to notify your supervisor when submitting an application for a posted position; your supervisor will be notified prior to the completion of the application process for, among other things, a recommendation. You will be contacted by the appropriate Department Head if further information is required or to set up an interveiw regarding your application and the status of your candidacy.

Probationary Period

All new full-time and part-time employees serve a six-month probationary period. During this period the employee must show that he or she is capable and willing to perform the job satisfactorily. The immediate supervisor will meet with the employee during the probationary period at 30 days and 90 days to note progress, discuss concerns the employee may have and any areas or tasks that need to be improved. At the end of the probationary period the employee will be evaluated to determine satisfactory performance. If satisfactory performance is attained the employee will be entitled to all the benefits of non-probationary status including utilization of the grievance procedure. In addition the employee may be eligible for a merit increase at the completion of the probationary period. In establishing a probationary period, the Town does not abrogate or modify in any way the employment-at-will status that applies to its employment relationship with all employees. If satisfactory performance is not attained the probationary period may be extended up to an additional six-months. Performance goals are to be discussed with the employee, reasons why the probation period is being extended, and specific goals to be attained during the extension of the probtationary period. The probationary period shall not be extended past 1 year.

Hiring Authority

The Town Manager has complete authority for hiring, promoting and discharging employees in accordance with these policies. The Manager has the responsibility and authorization for administering the personnel system established by these policies.

Town Holidays