As regulated by the Zoning Ordinance, the Town issues 3 types of zoning permits: Home Occupation, Sign Permits, Zoning Use, and Construction. 

1. Home Occupation

A Home Occupation permit is designed for out-of-the-home service-oriented small occupations that do not involve commercial traffic or signs. Examples would be writer, computer repair, or a painter who garages a commercial vehicle but does all of his/her work off-site. The permit ensures that a home occupation conforms to the zoning for the property. The fee is $20 and a business license is also required.

2. Signs

A Sign permit is required when putting up any commercial sign. When applying for this permit, please bring a picture or drawing of the sign, as well as information about its dimensions, location, how it's to be mounted, and roughly what type of sign it is. The fee for a Sign permit is $20 and a sketch with sign dimensions is required for a permit to be issued.

3. Zoning Permits - Uses

A Zoning permit is required for any new or changed use, a new owner/tenant, or for construction related to a use on a parcel. The zoning permit certifies that a business use or residential activity use meets the Town Code
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