Sign Ordinance

The Town of Altavista has a sign ordinance, which regulates the number, size, and types of signs that may be put in town. Signs are important for identification purposes and to give people information. Unfortunately, signs can also clutter the appearance in town and potentially be a distraction to others. It is important to strike a balance between these two needs.

The sign ordinance was developed by the Planning Commission and the Town Council. A complete set of the rules and regulations is found in the zoning ordinance of the Altavista Town Code. The following is a highlight of the major rules and regulations

  • A sign permit is required for every sign to be installed. This includes temporary signs (banners) that may be advertising a specific event. Sign permits may be obtained at Town Hall during normal business hours.
  • In most cases, a maximum of 3 signs is permitted for each individual business.
  • There are size restrictions for each individual sign, and there are limits to the total square footage (all signs combined) allowed. There is also a height restriction for most signs.
  • Specific regulations for permitted signs vary slightly between zoning districts. Most signs are prohibited in areas zoned residential.
  • Signs must be on the property being identified or advertised.
  • Signs are prohibited along the streets and street right-of-way, and they are prohibited from being placed on utility poles.
  • Signs may be wall mounted or may be ground mounted. Portable signs are prohibited.

For a complete copy of the ordinance, to obtain a permit, or to ask further questions, please contact the Zoning Administrator at Town Hall, 434-369-5001.