Altavista Adopt-A-Street

The Town of Altavista is pleased to announce the implementation of the Adopt-A-Street program! Neighborhoods, businesses, families, and individuals can make a difference in the community by adopting a Town street through this litter-removal program. For more information about the program, or to participate, contact the Town of Altavista Public Works Department at (434) 369-6045.

How to Adopt

To adopt a Town street, simply review the program guidelines, complete an application/waiver form, and submit it to the Public Works Department. Once approved, your group can start scheduling clean-up dates! Please remember that your group, organization, or business agrees to pick up litter for three years along a roadway within the Town of Altavista at least four times a year. The Town of Altavista reserves the right to refuse any group adopting a street when the adoption may create a safety hazard for Town employees or the public, jeopardize the Adopt-a-Street program, or prove counter-productive to its purpose.

List of Initial Eligible Streets

  • Bedford Avenue
  • Lola Avenue
  • Clarion Road
  • Avondale Drive
  • Frazier Road
  • Lynch Mill Road
  • Franklin Avenue
  • Amherst Avenue
  • Pittsylvania Avenue
  • Lynch Road
  • Main Street
  • 7th Street

What the Town Provides

The Town of Altavista will maintain/provide a list of potential streets for adoption, as well as streets that have already been adopted. When your group adopts a street, the City will do the following:

  • Post a road sign with your group's name to mark your adopted section of street. The signs will be installed after your organization's first year of clean-ups.
  • Provide training before litter pickup begins
  • Provide trash bags, litter sticks, work gloves, and safety vests (which you are required to wear)
  • Collect and dispose of filled trash bags when notified by your coordinator of the date and place.
  • Present certificates of appreciation to your organization at the end of three years.

Your Responsibilities

  • Pick up litter along your adopted roadway at least four times per year. You are encouraged to clean your street more often if needed.
  • Make sure everyone in your organization has a clear understanding of the program and follows the safety procedures.
  • Choose a group leader who is at least 21 years old.
  • Youth groups must have parental permission. For safety reasons, no one under the age of 10 is allowed to participate in the program. Young children must not accompany those participating in the program.
  • Whenever possible, recycle collected litter.
  • You are encouraged to obtain media coverage during your cleanup times.
  • Coordinate cleanup dates and times with the Town of Altavista Public Works Department. Your first cleanup should be within three months of adoption.
  • Maintain a current liability release form for each participant.

Safety Precautions

Before collecting litter for the first time, all volunteers must receive adequate safety training. The Town has established the following rules to help ensure the safety of everyone participating in the Adopt-a-Street program.

  • Wear your safety vest.
  • Face oncoming traffic.
  • Avoid work during hours and days that are peak travel times.
  • Stop work in inclement weather.
  • Avoid overexertion.
  • Be alert for snakes.
  • Avoid contact with noxious weeds and areas where herbicides have been applied.
  • Stay clear of any construction.
  • Use extra caution near the edge of curbing and intersections.
  • Other safety tips include wearing light-colored clothing, heavy gloves, leather shoes, or boots as well as a hat and long sleeves.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Teri Anderson, Public Works Administrative Assistant, at (434) 369-6045 or