Altavista - Town Taxes                                 were due December 5th

The Town of Altavista bills for Personal Property Taxes and Real Estate Taxes only ONCE a year.
Town Residents are subject to both Town Taxes and County Taxes.
All Real Estate and Personal Property assessments are provided to the Town by Campbell County.
*Under Virginia Law, real property is assessed for the entire year in the name of the owner as of January 1st of the tax year.
**Please note:  Virginia Law requires that you be responsible for the timely payment of taxes on your property.
   (failure to receive a tax bill Does Not exempt a taxpayer from penalty or interest charges)

 - mailed to residents in October
 - due December 5th
 - late fee added December 6th
    to all unpaid tax accounts
 - interest charges begin to accrue
    each month until balance is paid in full

 - Town Hall Office
    510 Seventh Street
 - Mail Payment to
    P.O. Box 420, Altavista
 - Pay your taxes online at
    with jurisdiction code 6243