REMINDER                                               Water Bills Are Due

   REMINDER to Altavista Utility Customers

     Utility Schedule
      - water bills mailed:  Monday, July 1st
      - bills are due:  July 15th
      - a late fee is applied to unpaid bills:  July 25th
      - CUT OFF DAY is Monday, August

* NO Payments are accepted on Monday, August 5th - utility accounts must be satisfied before Monday.

Any accounts not paid in full by Sunday, July 4th, will be placed on the cut off list
and service will be suspended until the account is paid in full - and will include a $50 re-connect fee.

Customers needing an extension (until September 1st) will need to have a Service Agreement completed
and signed by 5:00pm on Friday, July 2nd at the Town Hall Office, 510 7th Street.

Utility (water) bills can be paid online at, with Altavista's jurisdiction code 6243.
This must be done by Sunday, July 4th, for us to see that the transaction has been posted overnight, and not cut off on Monday morning.