Alert:  On Thursday, June 17th, the traffic lights at Broad Street and & 7th Street will be operating as a four-way stop between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.. Please be aware of the temporary traffic signal change, and use caution when traveling the intersection.

Garbage Collection

Alta 0013 Garbage Truck 1Garbage Collection

On collection day, residents wheel the specially designed containers to the curbside or designated location for collection.  The Town will empty the container using a truck equipped with an automated arm, which will grasp and quickly empty the container into the truck, and return the container to it's original position without the operator leaving the cab.



  • DO bag and place all garbage and trash in the container
  • DO close the lid before setting at curbside
  • DO place container at curb prior to 7:00 a.m.
  • DO position the container with the handle facing your home
  • DO place containers at least 5 ft. away from cars, fences, poles, or other structures
  • DO remove your container from curbside after collection
  • DO rinse and keep your container clean
  • DO report stolen or broken containers immediately
  • DON'T place material on top of or next to your container
  • DON'T use container for bulky waste or large trash, i.e. furniture
  • DON'T use container for other purposes, including child play
  • DON'T allow or park a car in front of your container
  • DON'T place hazardous, industrial, construction, human or animal feces, liquids or other illegal materials in container

Please help us by following these few simple rules. Keep Altavista clean and litter free.